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The Skeleton Key Odditorium is a two part experience.

The Odditorium (Museum)

The Skeleton Key Shop (Retail)

The Skeleton Key Shop (Retail); A retail space specializing in Oddities, Antiques, Curiosities, Gothic Art, Gifts, Crystals, Tarot Cards, Dolls, Metaphysical Items, Clothing and Souvenirs. We have 19 local gothic and macabre artists showcasing their one-of-a-kind creations and treasures, and hope to encourage the community to create and inspire. Some of our merchandise may not be suitable for everyone. We are a curiosity shop, so there will be things that are strange and unusual and sometimes unpleasant to some. Please enter the shop at your own discretion!

The Odditorium (Museum) IS NOW OPEN; Is a 2,500 sq ft Oddity Museum designed to present unusual and unconventional historical elements of human history through interactive and educational themed exhibits. Observe humanity and it's curious lens, through imperfect psychology, spirituality, and relentless tragedy. A few of our exhibits include the History of Vampires, Witchcraft, and Mourning. Observe Historical and Odd Relics. There will be a Seasonal Rotating Exhibit as well as a Seasonal Rotating Artist Showcase. Stay Tuned.

Meet Amber & Daniel



Amber Victoria




Daniel Debris


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