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The Museum is Now Open

The Odditorium is a 2,500-square-foot Oddity Museum that is designed to present unusual and unconventional historical elements of human history through educational and themed exhibits. Learn about oddities, the macabre, and local sinister legends. Observe the unusual characteristics of the human experience through a self-guided, go-at-your-own-pace tour. Take a step back in time to when death and tragedy were a part of everyday life. Embrace the human emotion of mourning as an ongoing and continuous human experience. Learn how our ancestors embodied life through spirituality, imagination, and magic. Walk through the halls of mythology and discover that Vampires, and Witchcraft are indeed real. Find your own reflection in the mirrors of the unusual and learn about local legends and mysteries. Stay tuned for our seasonal rotating Artist showcase, and more! 

Current Exhibits:

    Vampire History 

    History of Tarot

    Circus Side Show

    The Tragedy of Charles W. Post

    Uranium Glass & Radium Clocks

    Local Legends

    Rotating Artist Showcase (Matt Hopkins)

    Spirit Board Exhibit

    Victorian Mourning History


2024 Upcoming Exhibits:

    Frankenstein's Laboratory

    History of Witchcraft

Rotating Seasonal Artist Showcase for 2024: 

    Matt Hopkins (Nightmerriment) - Jan through Aug, 2024

Previous Artist Showcase:

    Daniel BepristisAug through Nov, 2023

Below is a mannequin representation of, Lucy Westenra,

on display in the Vampire Exhibit.

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